Facts about Coconut & Coconut Trees :

Interesting Facts about Coconut from the eyes of coconut suppliers in tamilnadu

As one of the reliable coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu, we took some time to write about some Interesting facts about Coconut & Coconut Trees :

Without coconut most of the sweets becomes incomplete in south India especially coconuts in Tamilnadu plays a special role. Coconut cultivation is mostly done in tropic and subtropics particularly grown well at sandy soils with abundant amount of rainfall and a lot of sunlight which means it cannot tolerate low temperatures. that is the reason why coconuts in Pollachi, erode and Salem belt are industry known. Where coconut suppliers and coconut manufacturers prefer to cultivate due to climatic condition. Coconut trees can sustain near seashore with salt water in the air.

A extremely healthy coconut tree survive up to 100 years & can produce up to 75 fruits botanically called drupe which is rare. An optimal production of coconuts experienced by coconut manufactures and coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu comes close to 30 fruits a year. A fully ripe coconut can weigh 1.4kgs approx. or more.

Coconuts in Tamilnadu and Kerala are mostly used in daily diets as it is more rich in proteins and minerals and much more health benefits whereas coconut milk is an energy powerhouse which is light and less in sugar makes it a compelling substitute. Dried up coconut flesh is said to be coconut copra. Coconut Copra suppliers in Tamilnadu experience 6000 coconut to produce a ton of coconut copra. Coconuts are used in many skin related cosmetic (Coconuts are used in lotions to bring moisture to the skin)and medicinal purposes and burning the husk of the coconut acts a mosquito repellent by the way of smoke.

Coconut tress falls under plant family “Arecaceae” which can grow up to 30 meters long with fibrous root system where all the energy to the tree comes from thin branching roots which in turn gives the strongest root system. Coconut tree develops male and female flowers ( larger ) maturing at different season avoiding self-pollination.

Even though coconuts in India are cultivated at higher levels, Coconuts have origin from south pacific. Providing many different health benefits. Coconut fats lower blood pressure. Coconuts are accelerating on human metabolism as it is big source of oil which in turn provides energy. Coconut are anti-aging agents & Tender coconut water has growth hormones that is being used in many scientific experiments examples like modern tissue culture, replacement of blood plasma with coconut water.

To give finishing ace, The world produces over 61 million tonnes of coconut fruit.

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