sometimes we need to see internally, of how our hearts really behave.
it tells.
it actually tells you, your body and soul, the wisdom of how to really love.
but you caught up with life. with time. carrying unresolved wounds manifesting the same script from past trauma.
you feel as if life has its own way to remind you how hard a love can be done to yourself.

sometimes it's the one you love so dear, unconsciously encrypted with the same old script, that would hurt you.

for you,
you don't know how to unlove. or parting the loving side of you from the story you really believe,
the story that lives within your breath, your kisses,
swims in the interminable silence between lovers when they see into each other's eyes.

you know the only thing your heart desire is to
love. to give.
to hope the same amount of love is reciprocating back to your soul.

so you started to question yourself. you hold yourself back not to lose yourself. but your heart keep questioning it.
and questioning it.
and now you're hurt.

it's the same heart that is once so loving. it's the same old script surfacing.

they say,

"love has no definitive way of being, it can only be what yo make of it."

so, excuse me for a while, I have a heart to love today.
it's mine.❤️