How Love Works

Dec 18, 2018 · 1 min read

so I dreamed about my long separated ex. in that dream, we were already married with someone else and built families each way.

we were met in a party outside the town. he took a glance at me with such look and went outside the house. I followed him outside only to see he was standing in a shade and that we were alone.

him: can we talk for a second?
me: of course
him: I want us to ...
me: stop? *I smiled, I understand
him: ...
me: *hug him
him: *start to cry
me: I love you
him: *cried harder

I woke up, and started to cry too.

We have had our good times and bad times. We ended our relationship in a good way. So we had no issue. But deep down I wished I could see him again to tell him that I now know what kind of love I had for him and wish him well.

you will never stop loving someone.

because only good memories stay. but I know I love him in a way that I want him to be happy. I will always love him that way. ❤️


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