I’m glad that I’m not sad anymore when thinking of you.

Jan 27, 2017 · 2 min read

How do you cope a broken heart? Gulping some cold alcohols, writing (obviously you would), go to some night club – but soon it would be a bad idea, starting a new blog, find a new hobby, buy a bicycle, learn how to put make up, MAKE OVER yourself, sell some stuff, decluttering, get some new online course, or what?

I found it is easier to escape from a heart ache with taking an acting class. All those excessive energy, become my most powerful source to focus on this thing. In acting, you can’t not fully concentrating your physical being, your mind, and your intention (which requires your true soul to engage with it) to the story you have to play. I know I love it since the day one. But, I think I was just lucky to have such professional guru in my class. He taught us the Stanislavsky System. This method makes you push your limit; to stay strong when you think you were weak all this time. The system recognizes your own ability, through the practice on your body and your mind.


You can see how it swallows my heart-ache, right? In a big gulp.

Well, you know how you feel about those who gave you the heart-aches. But with positive distractions, I bet you can now see the person who hurted you as things that is more acceptable.

Shit happens.


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