When You Realize He Would Never Listen

I need to make a list about how not worthy it is to overthinking someone who might be, right now, not thinking about you. So here goes (written in sexually straight, cis-woman perspective):

  1. He laughed (mocking you, obviously) when you told him you miss him. So. Bad.
  2. His concern is only about how inattractive you are when you were just vulnerable and insecure – which is you’re just being humane.
  3. He stopped you from being who you are, and compare you to his one and only true heart break.
  4. He would not recognize your low because he simply not listening to your true feelings.
  5. He stopped searching long before he met you. And now you say, you should have known this.
  6. He thought he has divine way of thinking to conclude everything – without even listening.
  7. He might be a psychic telling you to do this and that, again, without listening to you.

Now it all makes sense. :|

Well, you can add the list with your own point of view. It is a time to be bitter and logical.

on photo: @ayumelatijewelry dry elderberry pendant.

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