The Best Feeling in the World


The best feeling in the world is reading a book for the first time. From the very first line, you’re hooked, and with every word read and every page turned, you’re absorbed into this alternate reality painted by the author’s words and brought to life by your imagination.


Every character has a story, and with each word, you begin to live that story. You’ll ride the emotional roller-coaster with this character. From the misunderstood teen angst of Holden Caulfield to the triumph of Harry over Voldemort, this rich word tapestry makes your imagination more vivid, and you become a part of this world.


Each high experienced by the character makes you dizzy, every low cripples you. The laughter, the anguish, the hate, the love. You’ll never truly know anyone until you’ve seen inside their mind like you have with this character. You’re turning the pages faster but you don’t want it to end.

而当你终于将故事读完,也享受了那世界带给你的一切,你会含着微笑把书闭上. 虽然你阅读的故事已经到了尽头,你的故事却还在现实生活里延续着.

And when you do finally finish its pages, and you’ve experienced everything this world has to offer, you’ll close it with a smile. And whilst this story you’ve read has come to an end, your story has not.


Every hardship you’ve endured, every victory won and every sacrifice made. Every thought in the dark of the night, every love you’ve lost and every friendship made. Every single person, is worth it for the story they tell.

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