A city without art and nature on its sidewalks is a living body without a soul

Art is at most being presented in universities, special events, rooms and in a limited number of buildings instead of everywhere in our daily life. The same analogy happens with elements of nature in developed cities where we are dominated by gadgets and conveniences yet the air is smoggy, the birds cannot be heard and the flowers do not exist. Someone has to put an extensive amount of effort so might be truly become surrounded in an environment where all senses will be pleased when exposed.

In the past, ancient worlds did not have exclusive buildings for admiring art or civilisations that were created prior to their own. Daily life was harmonious with natural landscapes. Beauty was of significant importance and dominant. Certainly that seems not to be the case today where profit margins are being more important than anything else. At least that is one way someone may reason why their surrounding environment seems so ugly.

Why have we allowed this to happen? It feels like a modern form of sadomasochism.

How can we educate now younger generations to take action? Maybe that can be achieved by taking a child for a walk near a beautiful cityscape where art and nature is dominating. The key question though someone may ask is;

“Would there be anything to be found and shown other than ugly buildings and of advertisements which are trying to shift our minds away from the things we truly in need of?”

Watercolour painting — photographed in a building made of concrete in Hong Kong city — unknown artist