EOS Fitness Reviews- Here’s What People Are Saying On Social Media About the New Multi-Location Gym

There’s a new chain of gyms that are sweeping across Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada called, EOS Fitness.

EOS Fitness is new multi location fitness chain offering affordable gym memberships starting at just $9.99/month while offering some of the most incredible amenities one could imagine.

Recently I went ahead and visited the new San Diego location to see what all the hype was about. EOS Fitness San Diego was unlike any other gym I’ve visited (and I’m quite a gym junkie).

Amenities at the San Diego location included a massive outdoor weight lifting and cross training area, several group exercises and dance rooms, an indoor basketball court, indoor swimming pool, sauna, weight lifting area, upstairs cardio equipment, and a multitude of machines. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Doing some research I found that each EOS Fitness location is 100% unique to all the others. Considering on joining as a member, I decided to take a look at what people were posting on social media about the gyms.

Here’s what I found.

People seem to love their cardio cinema.

So far so good. Excited to join EOS. I’ll be back with another review post membership.



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