1. Instagram → It helps you see what your friends and family have been doing and it also helps you sometimes to see videos of what is happening in certain places of the world (mostly funny videos)
  2. Twitter → Almost the same as Instagram but instead of pictures and videos is more of words.
  3. Pinterest → This is my favorite app because I find super creative things in this app, mostly when I want to see stuff about books and movies.But it has information about pretty much everything, and it adapts to the used, and with this I mean that with time it kind of gets to know you and starts showing you mostly the things you are the most interested in
  4. WhatsApp → This is pretty much for communication
  5. Youtube → This is mostly for entertainment like for example when you want to re-watch a scene from a movie or tv series.There is also a lot of videos about politics and what is happening right now in the world.
  6. VSCO → This app is great for editing pictures, it is more of a vintage style but you can put your own twist to each one of your pictures.
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