Concept of Religion

What is Religion?

The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods

That is the answer you get if you google it..,still there are religions without the concept of god like Buddhism, Daoism etc. So what is religion….Religion is a group of ideas involving or not involving a concept of god or gods which attempts at answering some fundamental questions every human might ask to himself one day or another like “Why do I Exist” or “what is the purpose Of Life” and essentially give a framework for people to decide “ How to live life”

Why religion?

Never ever in history of all human civilization we will find a non religious community….What this means is that human curiosity on the questions of life , Its purpose , Creation etc has always been asked and answered with something, and that something is religion. The existence of so many religions is proof that the above mentioned questions can be answered so diversely,.. with human imagination being the only limit.

Every Religion defines a way you should live, but beyond the customs of most religion,there is an amazing similarity between all religions(….at least in all major world religions) the golden rule of morality or Law of reciprocity “Treat others as you would wish to be treated”. This is something that is Present in all religions even when they have originated in widely different geographical locations, in varied surroundings of customs and life of people. The acceptance of this rule into so many religion with so different point of origins shows that this is not just a rule but a necessary attribute needed for a community to survive as a collective whole, And also every human has an inclination to follow this rule even if not imposed by the religion he follows. It is basic human nature to care for his fellow beings , starting from a mothers love to her son/daughter to totally unknown strangers helping each other in times of need are examples that show this golden rule is a hard wired human nature developed as a survival advantage for social life. But Religion gives people a more incentive to be moral, it is a solution to their fears, a certainty in this difficult to predict world. So Religion can be an easy reason to be moral in a big community. Religions predict a reward for morality and punishment for being immoral (at least most religions) which is sufficient reason for most people to be moral.But is it necessary for people to have religion to be moral??…well no is the answer because morality is a part of human nature not an idea people follow due to their religious beliefs but sometimes its the easy way to emphasis morality…. but may not be the right way…. its all up to each person to decide.