Seamlessly entering the crypto world with Apollon

After my last post some people contacted me regarding the Apollon project and wanted to know how to get started with Apollon wallets, exchange platforms, masternodes, etc. alongside with some tips and tricks for investments. This post will address some of these questions and will provide a small introduction to the Apollon investment platform from a global perspective, hopefully providing you a big picture upon all Apollon related systems so far.

Quick Side Note: Before starting any investments, I want to clarify that this post does not provide any kind of investment advices, nor do I suggest you to follow any investment strategies provided. The mentioned blockchain project and tools are simply a collection of personal experiences and believes and are related to the Apollon project. Please, always conduct your own research before performing any investments whatsoever!

That said, let’s start!

The following sections will be provided as a Q&A listing and I will cover the FAQ regarding the Apollon project, coin exchange platforms, crypto tools and links that are related with the project. I will follow a chronological order from a beginners perspective to a more advanced cryptocurrency user. You can skip sections that you believe to be familiar with and just dive into the things that interest you most.

What is the Apollon project?

Apollon is a masternode based blockchain. The project strives to enable everyone an easy way to gain passive income by receiving rewards for hosting other masternodes through their provided platform.

Website Quote: Masternodes are the future of cryptocurrency. They are just like Bitcoin miners, but without the massive environmental cost. Instead of requiring computers to solve complex mathematical problems in order to participate in the mining rewards of the blockchain, a “stake” of coins is put up as collateral for a server to be able to participate on the blockchain. This type of miner is called a Masternode. The Apollon platform envisions a future where anyone can easily purchase a masternode and participate in the blockchain rewards just as simply as buying stocks online.

Should I invest into Apollon?

If this is your first and only question then I would suggest that you pause here and read through the first chapter of my previous post or search for some amazing posts on medium (such as 50+ Questions To Ask When Evaluating An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by Pete Humiston), hackernoon, reddit, etc. regarding investments and where to get started. Afterwards you can read their provided whitepaper on their website. You should know for yourself if you want to invest into a blockchain project and how much you can spare!

Apollon: When moon?

I don’t know. In general, if I could answer such a question, I would probably be a billionaire by now. No one can predict the future; not the smartest AI tool, nor a genius MBA titled investment banker with a Harvard degree and for sure not me! We have to wait and see what happens. Of course you can always actively help build up a community or contribute to projects you care, which eventually will help boost the projects success.

In general, what you should always ask yourself when planing to invest into a cryptocurrency or blockchain is:

  • What are their ambitions? Read their whitepaper and conduct some research, plus fact checks if their ambitions are feasible!
  • Do they have a large community and how much support do they offer?
  • What do other people outside of their community think about them? Read opinions from different blogs, reddit, medium, etc.
  • Do they operate transparently and provide regular updates regarding their progress?
  • What is their road map and were they able to keep up with their promises so far?
  • Can you identify yourself with their idea? You should be somewhat interested or able to relate to their offering, which will not only ease the fact to stay informed and on track with their project progress, but also help you identify certain up or down trends, minimizing your risk.

What you should try to avoid is blindly trusting in initial coin offerings (ICOs) with many promises made, but in the end very little kept. I prefer more traditional approaches of investment and let people first provide a product or prototype and then lend them more money or offer them more support.

Where do I start with Apollon?

You should probably first start by visiting their website and reading their whitepaper. You might come across their old domain, which now changed to The new design is really beautiful and I am looking forward to see more in the near future.

From their website you can also download the latest Apollon wallets for Mac, Windows and Linux and get some basic information about their ambitions.

To get updates on their progress and future releases you can of course visit their website every time, but what I would recommend you to do is follow them on Twitter and join their infostream on Telegram. In addition they also post on a regular basis on (follow this link). To get in touch with their community in a more direct manner, you can register to their Discord channel using this invite link or requesting one from any other community member.

For technical support or FAQs regarding masternodes, rewarding systems, etc. you should visit their newly created zendesk helpdesk page.

Upcoming Events: On Thursday the 26th of April the Apollon Team provides a webinar regarding the topic: “Introduction to the Apollon Masternode Investment Platform”. To participate you can register here.

Edited: Webinar replay link.

How do I get Apollon Coins?

To get Apollon Coins you first need to get Bitcoins, because all the supported exchange platforms are trading Bitcoin (BTC) against Apollon Coins (XAP) and vice versa and offer no fiat wallets. As of this post, there are three exchange platforms available to trade XAP:

This probably brings you the the next question: “How do I get Bitcoins?”

To get Bitcoins I suggest you to first visit and setup a Bitcoin wallet according to the suggested platforms. I personally came across BitPay and I use their iOS wallet on my mobile phone. You could also use a online wallet form the listed Bitcoin exchange page, if you don’t mind having a online account handling your cryptocurrencies.

At you can see an overview of how to buy Bitcoins in general. Again, by selecting Bitcoin exchange page or selecting Coin ATM Radar where you can search for an ATM machine nearby and transfer the bitcoins directly to your personal wallet. In case that privacy matters most to you, ATM machines have the downside that they usually require you to let them take a picture of yourself and your ID, whereas using Kraken as an alternative offers some benefits on privacy behalf.

Not only do they provide an easy to use interface and a diverse portfolio of exchangeable coins, but they also offer very secure features, such as Two Factor Authentication and some degree of anonymity. They basically require a phone number to validate your account, but beyond that you can trade up to $10,000 a month and an unlimited amount of coins without providing any further IDs or relevant personal details. Furthermore, when transferring money to their fiat wallet you can perform bank transactions via SEPA, meaning that you can deposit money to their listed IBAN address and the matching occurs via the provided reference message. You could trigger this deposit from any bank counter instead of linking your online banking account with the actual transaction, although this takes about two or three days to process.

The last option is to use Local Bitcoins to maybe find some nearby discounted offering from people selling their Bitcoins, but this also requires setting up a verified account with IDs, etc. and I personally feel more comfortable with the above options.

Where can I get an Apollon wallet?

Download the Apollon wallet for Mac, Windows or Linux form their website.

Are there any mobile apps to monitor the Apollon exchanges?

Yes! I personally recommend Delta. Not only do they provide a mobile app for Android and iOS but also a desktop client for Mac. With this tool you can watch XAP rise to the moon with just a few clicks. ;)

How can I setup a masternode?

Chad, one of the Apollon Investment Platform founders, made a series of support videos that walks you through each and every step to not only get yourself some XAP, but also setup an entire masternode from scratch. Follow this link for a “Beginners Guide to setting up an Apollon Coin (XAP) Masternode v1.04” or watch the following video:

In general, for FAQ about wallets, masternodes, etc. visit their zendesk helpdesk webpage.

Coming soon: Right now there is a Beta regarding a tool called Node Builder, which allows you to setup a masternode with only a few clicks! To register for the Beta program visit their website.

In addition to the information provided by the listed exchange platforms above you can visit and get more information about their masternode worth, the supported exchange platforms, the return on investment (ROI), average rewarding, etc.

For more technically advanced information regarding transactions, masternode listings and block details you can visit the following links:

After setting up your masternode you can verify, if your masternode address is listed on the public masternode explorer, which also includes further statistics, such as the active time, last payment time, etc.

How can I monitor my masternodes?

For now you can use your wallet and go to the Masternodes sections after you setup everything according to Chads tutorial and request status updates.

Coming soon: The Masternode Tracker will enable you to not only monitor your hosted masternodes, but also automatically restart and manage them, if they are down, to enable you a consistent income flow. Stay tuned!

Sneak Peak regarding the Node Builder Beta:

What is a Apollon Node Builder?

This is software tool, which is right now in Beta test phase and enables you to easily launch not only XAP masternodes, but any masternode blockchain listed (currently supporting Apollon XAP and Stipend SPD), enabling everyone to establish themselves a passive income in a few clicks. You can also register for the Beta on their website.

How can I contribute to the Apollon project?

This is actually very simple! Join the Discord channel and contact Chad directly or write him an email at As a developer you could also simply fork the Apollon wallet on GitHub and send pull requests after fixing some bugs or extending some features. In a community any help is very much appreciated.

Is there an overview of all the Apollon links?

Official website:

Official support & FAQ:

Apollon sources on Github:



Bitcointalk announcement:


Other websites:

XAP Exchanges:

Social media:

So far, we covered a lot and I want to thank you for reading through this article and I am curios to read about your opinion on the Apollon project. Questions are also highly appreciated and I will try to answer them asap. Have a good one! Cheers.

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