The right way to start a company
Sam Gerstenzang

Many of my own ideas were ‘great’ at first but I ended up folding them up as time took its due course as I ended up doubting their potential. 5 months before Oculus rift was released, I was already working on an Augmented reality device myself, which was comprised with a wearable headset and VR gloves for heptic feedback. We were nearing the end of that project when we heard about Oculus Rift. It just broke loose and we were shattered. “there goes another idea”, we said. ‘Timing’ and ‘believing in your idea’ will ultimately decide the success of your idea ☺ Here’s a picture of my Co-founder testing out a very early prototype of our device before Oculus was released.

I think if you believe that it’s good enough, shut down all the naysayers around you, plan an epic release and keep jabbing at it, you can easily create the ‘next big thing’ ☺ Good luck, Sam!

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