Dinushka Chandrasena

Editor/ Publisher of Travel Talk Asia/ Mum & Me/ Health Style &Fitness magazines in Sri Lanka

With a passion to provide accurate, news worthy and informative reading content, she embarked on a career in the publishing industry in 2003 with the launch of Sri Lanka’ first and only travel trade publication, Travel Talk Asia. Having garnered international media partnerships with the leading global travel indsutry trade shows such as ITB in Berlin, ITB Asia in Singapore, IBTM Barcelona, IT&CM China and several more, Travel Talk Asia is the number 1 in readership and circulation in Sri Lanka with a global distribution in Asia and partner countries.

TTA works closely with the United Nations World Tourism Organization, The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), SKAL and several other international travel organizations in the promotion if global tourism.

Focusing on sustainability in the industry, TTA also highlights the importance of sustainable tourism and Green initiatives through their local partners and highlights the efforts made by the local government and indsutry to reduce the carbon foot print while promoting tourism.

Mum&Me — A dedicated parenting magazine was launched in 2007 with the aim of providing readers with parenting information which would be reliable and credible. Having a host of contributors which includes wellness professionals such as gynaecologists, paediatric specialists, fitness instructors, dieticians and features professionals focusing on the topics related to the subject, the magazine is freely available at hospitals, maternity hospitals, wellness centres, fitness centeres and lifestyle centers. With a readership of over 8000, Mum&Me is the first dedicated parenting magazine to be published in Sri Lanka and remains number 1 in circulation and readership to date.

The newest addition to the family is Health Style & Fitness. A wellness related publication which focuses on all aspects related to Health, Fitness and wellness with an element of style. While having a panel of fitness, health and wellness specialists on the editorial list, HS&F provides a wealth of information about the ever evolving wellness industry with emphasis on what is availbale in Sri Lanka.