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Padma Shri Manohar Devadoss at G2G, a Kissflow event to deliver his inspiring lecture

Passionate people are always focused on ‘what can be’ rather than ‘what is’.

Doing great things in spite of a lot of obstacles is not so easy. That too husband and wife pampering each other for their passion in their difficult situations is not so common.

This blog is about the veteran artist, writer, and storyteller Mr. Manohar Devadoss, lovingly called Mano uncle. He was awarded the Padma Shri for a lifetime of achievement in Art.

Kissflow arranged an inspiring lecture during G2G (Good to Great) our weekly org-wide get-together on Oct 16 where Mano uncle shared his story of how his loss of vision, deep affection for his wife, and the kindness of strangers inspired a lifetime of art. …

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Stars behind stellar products…

This blog covers the excerpts from the podcast published by The Prodcast team shared to me by padmini janaki.

Sub-titles below are questions asked by Aishwarya Ashok, Product Marketing Associate from Zoho and the short phrases are answers given by Dinesh Varadharajan, Vice President of Product Management, Kissflow Inc.

Culture in the organization:

  • Being a bootstrap company, we believe in the collective functioning of the organization. We have a structure known as Pods. Each pod will have a decision-maker like Product Owner, Product Manager, Frontend/Backend Developers, UX designers and so. 80% of decisions are independent to be taken by members of that Pod itself.

Learning over the years:

  • Why design(UI / UX) important equally as the technical side of a product. …

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Common man queries about COVID-19 to lead day to day the life…

Every common man in this world is daunting with this Coronavirus Pandemic situation in the year 2020. Each one of us has a different set of doubts while living in our day to day life. For those doubts and queries, we make decisions based on the information around us like news channels, social media forwards, etc. But my kid’s pediatrician Dr. R. Manish Kumar Jain spends his personal time to dispel misinformation regarding COVID-19.

All the queries, fears asked to him are addressed back by him in a WhatsApp group. …

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Source —

What is the device, almost everyone in this world are engaging most of the time?

Yes. Its “Mobile phone”. Like other electronic devices like laptops/tablets, the engagement rate on mobile is increasing day by day.

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Pinterest business showing metrics about user’s engagement related metrics

Why ML/AI create potential in Mobile Apps?

Camera & Photos

The best example is “Camera” in Mobile keeps on getting added with new features. The year 2019’s launched with “AI-powered camera mobiles” depicts the same. “Camera” remains top of mind for a buyer and became the primary selling point for a newly launching mobile phone. Many apps also are released based on Camera and Photos like “Lensa” — Prisma’s new AI-powered app. …

Online is just an extension of our Offline

I attended a panel discussion about “The Power of Video Marketing” organized by “LinkedIn Local Chennai” — Hari Kumaran on Feb 29. The discussion was around the importance of video marketing, the impact it creates, dos and don’ts of video marketing, long & short duration videos and the “how” of it. In this blog, I am summarizing the take always given by speakers along with my own thoughts.

Educate than Showcase

Why should a person bother to watch a video while scrolling his Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube all along? Unless if that video gives some value to him. For example — “Azure Friday” is a video series hosted by Scott Hanselman along with the engineers who built the Azure services around Cloud computing. I am a big fan because of these 2 reasons — Short duration (7 to 15 mins) and the video’s core will be about addressing a problem than advertising about the service. …

Meetup as networking channel used by like-minded people to share knowledge
Meetup as networking channel used by like-minded people to share knowledge
Meetup as networking channel used by like-minded people to share knowledge

A decade back, IT professionals, in particular, we're able to acquire skills in the workspace itself via corporate training and so. But now, you learn at a great speed outside the workplace via meetups.

Meetups are simply events where members and organizers get to discuss, and practice activities related to their common interests.

Coming to my story, I was struggling to “learn new things quickly”, which is an essential need in the IT industry. Usual options like online courses, self-learning, didn’t work out well for me. Like Panda(Po) in the Kung Fu Panda movie, I realized that I need a different way of training myself than others. At the same time in 2018, I attended my first meetup organized by Manikantan in the name of the Bigdata Chapter. …

Hey folks! What sort of movies comes into your mind after hearing the word ‘Artificial Intelligence’? … Terminator, Enthiran, IRobot and so…

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Artificial Intelligence-based movies/comics

Each one of us would be either “a working professional” or “doing some business”. And in both cases, we pay, or we get paid for a work done. Right? Let me ask you a question. To complete any work properly, what is the main quality needed for a person? …. It’s for “Decision-Making”.

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Decision Making — Main skill in any job or business.

Either he is a Lawyer — picking up the right law and wins the case for a client or a Sales guy, decides about giving an extra discount at the right time to win that sales deal,… it’s all decision-making in any kind of work. …

Hi Guys. This is my script of Ice breaker speech in Toastmasters.


Ellarukum Vanakamunga! Ennanga? Ellarum nalla irrukeengala?

Fellow Toastmasters and guests, please accept a warm good morning from Dinesh Kumar, standing in front of you.

From my introduction, can anybody guess my birth place?

Yes! Its Coimbatore! A sweet city where I was born at the year — 1989 to Mr. Prabakaran and Mrs. Usharani. I have a younger brother whose name is Arun Kumar. All 3 of them are in silver business.

May I know how many of you had their 14 years of schooling from LKG till 12th in a single school? … Great I am one among you — studied all together at Vasavi Vidyalaya matric higher secondary school in Coimbatore. After my schooling, I chose PSG College of Arts and Science in same Coimbatore to study BCA. …

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Information is WEALTH — Dialogue from a Tamil movie “Boys” way back at the year 2003

From the raw crude oil, refined products like Petrol and Diesel created great revenue. Similarly, analytics applied to user data provides patterns and insights to boost businesses.

In this blog, we’ll look at how DATA turns out to be another wealth for any organization in the form of information used for decision making.

I hope all of you know about WhatsApp and Fitbit apps. Just think why Facebook needs to buy WhatsApp and Google must buy Fitbit spending Billions of dollars.

If you are chatting with your friend about drinking coffee in any online chat or mobile apps, after some time, you may get an advertisement for Coffee with the discount offer. Similar cases may apply to the advertisements that you watch on the IRCTC website, YouTube videos and so on. …


Dinesh Kumar P

Product Manager | Kissflow | B2B SaaS | Passionate about Data | Azure

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