What Really Matters You????

To some one “I’l call you later” was a promise that a phone would be used to communicate later.To another that phrase may used to avoid communicating in order to leave.People don’t realize that they speak two different languages.That’s one of the main reason for relationship break up.

Our assumptions may be 50% correct and 50% incorrect.So as we live in a society where we cant live without one another without assuming if we can talk to one another and clarify things before judgements, its one way to live peacefully.

There are problems we cause due to our mistakes and there are issues others causing us.Whatever the situation is if you didn't drive away faster in the green light and if you dont break so hard in the red light and just chill in the yellow light patiently your life will be so easy.As you put same weightage to every thing and every feeling which come across you.Mainly we as humans who have a developed mindset we are aware that every birth is a mix of happiness,Problems,losseses,sadness,frustrations,suprise moments.So try to stay and feel in the same way in everything which come across you..Just Remember always,

“Everything On this world keep on Changing”

-Lord Buddha

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