Begging is Selfishness!

When people are told to trade their talents and training to make enough money to meet their needs and become a blessing to others, some who have parents, friends and relations that they can always beg from give nonchalant attitude to this valid call for responsibility.

They erroneously think that since they can have their needs met by begging others or by the kindness of their relations and friends, there is no need to go deploy themselves in profitable ventures.

That’s an error; a big and destructive error! You must be careful to ensure that you avoid it.

You see, the talents and training you have are not for no reason. They are God’s gifts to you for your world.

The voice and ability to sing that God gave you is not fancy. It’s His empowerment to you to be a blessing to your world.

The ICT trainings you got is not just because you had time or were idle; it’s God empowering you to deliver value to your world.

It’s selfishness to refuse to trade with them because you have someone that can always provide the money you need and give you whatever you want.

Please don’t be selfish!

Go and trade your talents and training to earn. Beggars are selfish!

Joseph 'Brojid' Dinwoke 
Lifestyle & Inspirational Blogger at Brojid World.