A company hires you as a marketing executive and you resume work with enthusiasm to apply the great marketing lessons you have learnt from top business and marketing campaign case studies.

As you have your meetings to get started on a marketing campaign, you shared the ideas that have worked…

Let the Gossip Do Her Job!


We encounter gossipers every now and then.

Their work is to mind other people’s business and spread lies and falsehood about others.

Why they chose this job is not yet clear to me; but I know that one reason they thrive in their…

In Love Without a Partner?

Being in love is a beautiful thing; but it’s heart breaking to find that you are in love alone – all by yourself – erroneously thinking you are with someone.

Just in case you are wondering how someone can be in love alone, let…

Our love is guided by love for God and His precepts. We shall honour Him with our bodies!

However, as good and natural as this feeling is, the fact that we are not yet married means we have to exercise caution because God’s will for us is our sanctification; that we abstain for sexual immorality.

Apostle Paul, knowing that the Holy Spirit and anointing the young Timothy had…

Begging is Selfishness!

When people are told to trade their talents and training to make enough money to meet their needs and become a blessing to others, some who have parents, friends and relations that they can always beg from give nonchalant attitude to this valid call for responsibility.

Joseph ‘Brojid‘ Dinwoke

Human Capacity Developer @BrojidWorld I Media Strategist @FrateeMedia.

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