Middle Aged Madness in The Lazy Square

The Next Big Project

So guess what we did ? We bought a 2.1 acre flat field! An hours drive north along the coast. Though it’s not a coastal property being 2–3 minutes inland from a small township that hasn’t even a small dairy (convenience store). But it does have a toilet block which is very handy when all you have is an open plot if land

Our diagonal for the field goes to the small bush on the flat. This will be our view from the house

And so after 3 or so previous attempts Jill and I will get to develop a garden from scratch over the next few years. Are we mad I hear you say. Yep probably. But it was to be our last attempt. Jill made it happen and now it’s all on. A 3 year project to see how we go. An investment too. But really something we’ve wanted to do and hopefully we will have fun doing it. If we stop having fun we will move on and do something different again ;0). Or if we like it we’ll spend 3–30 years living the dream ;0)

The field, we’ve spent 6 week trying to get mown, is almost a Square. Just slightly wider at the back and a little flatter. More trapezoid than Square perhaps, but having talked about a name for the place we settled on …… Drum Roll…….The Lazy Square. Yep fits the description and has a certain cowboy ranch feel to it as well. Anyway we like it and Jill had a sign made for when we move.

So now I’ve something to write about again ;0) hopefully not as boring as my scribbling had gotten with my previous efforts. Jill and I can write about the ups and downs of life on The Lazy Square, New Zealand

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