3 Essential Apps for the Modern Man

A modern man worth his salt should always have on reach a smartphone filled with apps that help him survive the rush of every day. Without a doubt, mobile phones are very useful to deal with the daily difficulties we all face and have to go through in this jungle called the world.

Apps are, in that field, clearly invaluable. Each with its own way to make our lives easier, from the art of flirting to figuring out how to dress properly, or even getting men informed and organized, apps are essential to deal with our rapidly and constantly changing world, so here goes a quick overview on three of them.



So you want to bulk up and stay strong, but laziness is hitting too hard and stopping you from going to the gym? No problem, the Freeletics app is here to help.

This app is like a personal trainer at the palm of your hand. Freeletics will show you workouts and plans, as well as tutorials for you to learn the correct way to do them at the right time.

Freeletics can obviously be used anywhere and offers the ability to share one’s progress with friends on social networks. With this app, no man really has an excuse for not exercising properly.

Cool Guy


Who said that men do not care about fashion? To show that they do, someone created an app precisely directed at the male audience, in order to help them navigating inside the world of fashion: Cool Guy.

In this app, men can organize their wardrobe by category, as well as be up to date on fashion news and following the latest trends on the matter. Cool Guy can help them discover what is missing from their closets, be it a pair of pants, the right shoes or some type of accessory enhancement.

While this app does not give insights in terms of hairstyles, the Life, Tailored online magazine has a round up of the 120 best men haircuts for short, medium, long and curly hair.



Waze is a great choice for men who want to escape the chaotic city traffic. It works as a community in which people share the traffic situation, such as if an accident happened, and issue alerts in case of any danger like blocked roads.

The app also shows alternatives routes to reach the desired destination, helping drivers to make the best way. This is really a must-have app for men on the wheel.

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