Centiment Finds the Perfect Fit Matching Market Research with School Fundraising

Hosting a traditional school fundraiser can be a challenge. Selling magazines and candy is inconvenient and just seems outdated. Thinking about this, Centiment came up with a new way to employ the charitable efforts of a community, by enabling its individuals to contribute by sharing insights.

Centiment is a company that specializes in market research. They saw a need in the market for quality survey takers. Today’s survey panelists are searching “how to make money online”, joining a panel and speeding through surveys to collect small rewards. Everyday consumers with valuable opinions simply are not interested in joining such panels.

With this in mind, Centiment came up with a different model to attract respondents: incentivizing people to complete surveys to generate donations for a nonprofit they have a personal relationship with, such as their child’s school. The company also works with animal shelters and other nonprofits. The idea is to host community-based fundraisers.

Competing research companies, which recruit respondents based on personal incentives, provided a less than great user experience managed by several poorly coordinated parties. To be successful, Centiment knew it needed to be respondent-centric, so the company built its system from the ground up.

Centiment acts as the platform for nonprofits to host their fundraiser. Schools, for example, can promote their fundraiser through their PTA organizations, driving parents to download the app for iOS or Android. Parents sign up and search for their school. Once logged in, they will receive period notifications when they have been pre-qualified for a survey.

They can choose longer or shorter studies based on the amount of time they have available at that moment and see the associated payout before they begin. There is even a rankings page that fosters a competitive dynamic.

Users can boost their position by participating in more surveys or by inviting friends and family to the campaign via the in-app features.

This match between two seemingly unrelated markets has proven to be a great fit for both sides. Market researchers and everyday businesses get access to an otherwise inaccessible demographic, and respondents get to the convenience of generating donations from their phones.

Respondents can even earn money for themselves in the process. For this to happen, they need to refer a survey customer using a special referral code provided within the app. By doing so, not only do they get $20 for themselves, but Centiment matches a $20 donation to their school on their behalf.

Launched a couple of weeks ago, there is still an “early adoption” discount for companies wanting to conduct market research with Centiment. Using promo code LAUNCH, companies have access to a 30% discount. Fortunately, the company has opted to ensure that this discount does not impact the amount earned by those fundraising on the platform.