Dress’d is Your New Social Network Devoted to Fashion

Social networks can be a lot of fun to keep up with news and keep in touch with friends, but they are also very useful for business and professional reasons when used in the right way. In the case of fashion, this is even more visible, since everything is very visual, creative and interactive.

For the so-called fashionistas and general people loving fashion, the Internet can be a paradise, with those numerous social networks where you can share photos of your look, exchange experiences with other fashion lovers and get inspired for the next look. However, there are not many (if any at all) completely devoted to the world of fashion.

But that is not true anymore, as there is a new kid in the block. Dress’d is a new social network made for anyone who loves fashion, providing these people a devoted place for them to share their favorite looks and also get inspiration, while also filling a void that is commonly pointed in the world of social media.

On Dress’d, every user has its own profile, where they can share their personal favorites. All those shares from all users are put in the app’s general wall, called LookBooks, and people can also browse per distinct fashion styles and brands, so that each person can be closer to the things they find more interesting.

Those posts can be marked as temporary only, disappearing after a while — a functionality that is helpful to collect quick feedback about a specific outfit, for example. With this app, sharing content is really easy, so that all your friends can see everything right away: just snap it and publish it.

Dress’d is scheduled to launch in November 19th and, at least for now, will only be available for iOS. It will be launched in United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom and New Zealand, and you can check more on the app via its website, Facebook and Instagram pages.