Easily Automate Your Business Processes with Linx

Process automation brings significant productivity gains to businesses, because it reduces the time it takes for activities to run. Nowadays, no one can imagine what it would be like to run a business without it, because of how much they improve workflows.

Companies can opt to developed their own automation solutions or use existing ones. For the latter, the market has a few options available, but none of them is quite like Linx, a company that is working in this field for 20 years now. Throughout the years, they have been working on a process automation, constantly evolving and updating their platform.

Developed by Twenty57, with high expertise in the corporate field, Linx is one of the few solutions in the market harnessing the power of low-code development mixed with advanced business integration, making for a truly robust platform. With it, business processes are easily automated, including interaction with databases, files, emails and APIs, with little to no need of coding.

This software is relatively easy to use once you get going. It is a two part solution with the process designer (installed on Desktop) and the Linx Server (web-based) allowing you to deploy and test your applications built with this software.

In addition, Linx’s website features several pre-built samples, which include parsing CSV files, store images in a database, write large files, and more. With this, anyone needing to carry out those tasks just need to download and implement the samples, making life much easier for them.

Linx is not for the faint hearted — but rather focuses on allowing you to drag and drop and develop processes with technically complex tasks and multiple steps — saving you both time and the associated headaches that comes with coding — all you need is the logic.

The video below shows a web service being created in just 3 minutes, which gives a clear insight on just how powerful this tool really is:

Linx improves development costs and time, along with several additional benefits:

  • visually oriented drag-and-drop development (rather than classical programming);
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL), Business Process Management (BPM) and integration platform are combined;
  • faster application development.

The video below explains Linx’s inner workings a bit further:

Using a solution like Linx, companies can build solutions and applications for their operation in a faster, easier and more effective way when compared with the traditional development streamline. For those interested in Linx, there is a full list of features available, as well as the possibility to request a demo of the platform.