Guin Record’s “Uncharted” Showcases a Variety of Styles and Sounds on One Cohesive Album

Diogo Costa
Aug 28, 2018 · 2 min read

The west coast independent record label Guin Records blew up this summer with the release of their debut album “Uncharted”. This album is made up of a collection of hip-hop artists giving each track its own unique vibe. The album can be sampled on Soundcloud and is available on Spotify and iTunes.

The album features multiple rap and hip-hop artists, including the radical hip-hop group Prospectz Nation (which includes rappers Chillz Muzik and Jordan Harter). Speaking about this group, Guin Records’ co-founder Misha Kordestani stated:

“We discovered Prospectz Nation while listening through various demos sent by artists, and this song Wave really stood out. We decided to buy the rights to the song and are excited to share it with the music community.”

The whole album is a very good musical piece, despite having several different vocal rhythms, levels and productions — mostly due to its matrix, as it features distinct artists in the genre. They all did their best to shine, resulting in a complex melting pot of styles, but still all linked via a very fast pace in terms of rhythm and lyrics.

With this album, Guin Records wanted to showcase all the talent lying within the label — a goal that has surely been achieved. A mashup album can often come across as being jumbled but “Uncharted” seems to deliver a coherent collection of songs that work well together.

Guin Records is the product of serial entrepreneur siblings Milan Kordestani and Misha Kordestani. Due to the fact that they both loved to discover and listen to new and emerging artists, they noticed that many of these artists, despite clearly having the necessary skills and talent, lacked the recognition to land a discographic contract.

From the talent that was apparent on “Uncharted,”it is promising that Guin Records has the ability to take artists from absolute anonymity to a place where their art is showcased throughout the world. Let’s just hope this is the beginning of Guin Records’ work in bringing more talent to the music industry.

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