Looking for 3D Printable Models? Check This Search Engine

3D printing is one of the most promising fields in technology right now. The Economist even called labeled this technology as “the Third Industrial Revolution”, a fact that is a clear indication on the expectations the world has for this technology. The buzz over it might have dissipated a bit, but entrepreneurs have adapted and developed the technology.

This technology is also becoming more universally accessible, as printers are gradually getting cheaper. This leads to more 3D prints being made, and also to the appearance of many 3D printable models. With so many models being produced and shared on the Internet, it is important to have a place where they are organized and easily accessible.

Being experts in this field and knowing it from the inside out, folks at 3D Ninja — the largest reseller of 3D printers in The Netherlands, decided to get their hands dirty and developed their very own search engine for 3D printable models: IFind3D. It comes after 18 months of development, and is now being launched in beta.

IFind3D wants to bring together all online libraries featuring 3D printable models, presenting them using a fast and responsive engine. With it, users can easily find the models they want — and the ones they did not know they wanted.

During this beta phase, IFind3D will be connected to 70% of all libraries and repositories, totaling over 700,000 models. The next goal for this search engine is to, before the end of 2017, raise the number of covered sources up to 90%.

This search engine uses advanced algorithms in order to assure the best possible performance, with results being served thanks to the integration of over 100 different variables — something only possible with the integration of an AI service, which uses IBM’s Watson supercomputer.

3D Ninja definitely know their way on this market, especially in The Netherlands, where it is one of the country’s largest startups in this field. Their 3D printable model search engine is definitely one of the best tools to look for these files, so be sure to take it for a spin and print new objects.