These Are 7 of Facebook’s Best Games

In addition to being the bigger and most famous social network, Facebook offers hundreds of interactive games for you to play with your friends. With so many online games to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones to go for and play. Here are 10 of the best.

Candy Crush

Dozens of millions play King’s game daily, being by far the most popular game of Facebook. Compete with your friends and have a fun adventure combining sweets to open paths in the Candy Kingdom, with the help of an owl named Odus.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is the world’s largest free online pool game available, with millions of registered players. There, users can battle each other with 1-on-1 games, or big tournaments, to get in-game currency.

Top Eleven Be a Football Manager

With millions of “football managers” spread throughout the globe, this game consists in creating our own football club and play against friends or other players in the Leagues, Cups, and friendlies. It allows users to manage all the aspects of their team on Android, iPhone or Facebook.

Clash of Kings

This strategy game may remind older people of a very popular series, Age of Empires. Here, users prepare and set up a strategy in order to battle against other kingdoms.

Dead Trigger 2

The zombies are infesting our world, so it is to players to save humanity from those horrible creatures. Pick your weapons and prepare to war.

Contract Wars

This is another first-person shooter, this time more focused on the military side of things. It is perfect to test one’s skills, with a lot of gameplay options, weapons and military strategies to choose from.

Legend Online

A hybrid between a RPG (role-playing game) and a strategy game, it offers 3 distinct roles, single and multiplayer campaigns, PvP (Player versus Player) arenas, several labyrinths, big bosses, and so on.

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