A good example of how personalization can drive retention

When we first began to think about Liquid we came up with a huge number of use cases where the personalization could make a substantial change with regards to user engagement and retention.

For those who don’t know, Liquid is a personalization and analytics solution for mobile. Personalizing an application is not only about tweaking colors or strings to make the user feel more welcomed or cozy, but changing the mechanics within the application itself.

I never managed to find the time to write about this topic, but yesterday, whilst playing Mr Jump, one of the most addictive games I have on my iPhone, I got stuck on a particularly hard level, which very nearly resulted in me giving up the game. During this frustrating process I began to think about a simple solution where Liquid could easily boost engagement and retention.

As you probably figured out, Mr Jump is a simple one button platform game where the player needs to pass a level to unlock the next one. Yep, its hard and simple as all the best games for iOS are. Trailer

First of all let me tell you that the game has 2 visible revenue streams, ads and in-app purchases. As you play (and die) sometimes an interstitial ad pops up on the screen, usually game advertising. On the other side every time the user gets tired of dying, they can pay to unlock the next level.

1Button (the developer behind Mr Jump) is most likely using an analytics platform to track all events and check how users are behaving in the game. Through this tracking they can easily figure out which group of users are in the ‘churn zone’ — i.e. about to leave. The majority of this group will be users that are stuck on one of the levels.

In my case I was stuck on the 5th level (at 96%), I have probably tried at least 120 times to beat it (yep, I suck at this), and when I quit playing there is nothing 1Button can do besides waiting for me to buy the next level, something that I won’t do, so they will probably lose a highly active user that would give them a nice ad value.

To be honest the push notifications from 1Button are amazing, simple and direct messages informing that new levels are available, and when I updated the app I read “Chuck Norris can’t pass level 5, can you?”. For me though, I was one step away from uninstalling the app — I didn’t need more locked levels.

Liquid can help. Imagine that 1Button was using the platform and tracking the number of tries a user makes in each level. They could easily create a segment of users with more than 100 tries on their current level, that haven’t opened the application for one month or more. With this segment they could just send them a push notification saying that the next level was unlocked and attracting a good active user to the game. This way they will still have the users that are happy to purchase new levels, but more importantly they won’t lose the active users that got frustrated because they couldn’t pass their level.

In my opinion, this is a perfect example of how personalization can boost app engagement and revenue. They could repeat this and push users to play the game, further stretching their engagement curve. To be honest I don’t know the numbers behind the game, but from my experience I would guess that there is more advertising revenue coming in than money coming from people unlocking the next level — so this seems like a win-win situation.

Anyway, thank you 1Button for Mr. Jump, its a brilliant piece of simplicity and fun. I will update you if I ever beat level 5

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