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Introducing EASY2REC

Free video creator without the hassle.

EASY2REC helps you communicate more effectively creating easily professional-look videos quickly. Minimize the time, effort, and cost of producing and customize videos by doing it yourself at your desktop. Produce awesome videos at the comfort of your home with a few clicks.

Produce professional-look videos

Make your digital communication more effective by inputting content with your personality. Simultaneously capture video feeds of yourself and your screen, and easily mix and edit them to create awesome videos to share your ideas. Your audience will be amazed.

Intuitive & Clean Interface

We focus on simplifying the process of recording and editing video, thus giving power to all people to create their videos regardless of the degree of knowledge. Also combining a simple, intuitive interface to help the user throughout the process.

Integrated Technology

Knowing which applications you use the most for sharing knowledge and know-how we join the main offer and incorporating their use with easy2rec. Thereby enabling the user interacting with the application within the easy2rec. However you can always record your screen for all applications that are not built in.

Desktop-based video production

Amaze your audience with professional quality videos done just using your computer and the built-in features like the microphone and the webcam. Minimize the time, effort, and cost associated with producing videos by doing it yourself right at your desktop without specialized equipment or training. Simultaneously capture content (as presentation slides, pdf documents, diagrams, videos, websites, etc…), webcam video, and audio to create engaging video presentations with just a few clicks.

EASY2REC Clean Record Enviroment Window

Simplified video post-production

Dynamically mix your content presentation and webcam video. While the process has been simplified to the maximum we added the ability to easily change and customize how you want the content and user camera is displayed or even hide one of them. You can change the background of your video, the location and size of the webcam and content feed. You can also add your brand logo and and preview the final result before the export. You can also add to your video Intros and Outros very easily (Like the Video Demo 1).

Publishing to video platforms

When you have the video done you can publish to the major video platforms as Youtube or Vimeo. Or even upload to private LMS as Moodle and control all the access to your videos.

Had a blast building EASY2REC and can’t wait to see the wonderful and creative videos you will create! Try our Beta Version today for free:

Download for Windows

Feedback are welcome. Email me at diogopalhais[at]easy2rec[dot]com or tweet me at @diogopalhais

Thanks for reading!
Diogo Palhais.

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