focus on solving unglamorous but real problems for the “other” customer segments
Why diverse teams make better products
Ipsita Agarwal

Brilliant article. Your view of Tech and problem solving in general is inspiring and motivating!

What is considered glamorous depends more on your peers and bubble than the importance of the problem.

It’ll be harder for me to not be excited about new trendy tech (VR, AI, etc) just because that’s what I’m exposed to daily (I always had a tendency for VR though).

I believe magic can happen whenever someone figures out how to merge both, the excitement for Silicon Valley type problems with real problems elsewhere.

Until then, I’ll be happy to connect with whoever has a really problem to solve while continuing swimming into VR as a Hobby ;)

I’d love to hear more about how to connect with people elsewhere and understand the problems or help execute existing solutions.

I believe we have here the best opportunity to rethink our infrastructures. Many of the highly connected countries did so when the available solutions were very different (and haven’t updated as often as they could).

There’s a lot of inefficiency in the World which could be improved by thinkers in other parts of the World who have to rethink the problems, but with vastly different contexts and available components.

Can’t wait to see how all this develops.

Thanks again for this great article.

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