Dion Abadi — How to Become an Art Auctioneer

Dion Abadi is a licensed auctioneer with over twenty years’ experience in the business. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University and began his career working as an apprentice auctioneer. Art has always been Dion Abadi’s passion which is why he began to build a career as an art auctioneer. Here are a couple of tips you can use if you want to become an art auctioneer.

Degree in Art History

The first step in becoming an art auctioneer would be to get a degree in art history. To become a specialist in fine art, you will need to know all you can about art history. You will need to have a passion for handling aesthetic objects like paintings and ceramics and be able to evaluate them in the marketplace. Becoming an expert in art history will give you the specialization you need for the job.

Auction School

You will need to attend auction school and learn the necessary skills to become an auctioneer. Auction school will teach business, marketing, and appraisal skills, including how to handle ethical, legal and tax issues. Once you have completed auction school, you will need to start working as an apprentice at one of the auction houses, or with a licensed auctioneer.

Licensing Exam

To take the licensing exam, you will need to have at least one or two years’ experience working with an auctioneer. The exam will cost you a couple hundred dollars.

Dion Abadi recommends being active in the arts by attending art auctions and other related events.

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