You probably agree with me that we humankind we are now facing a global crisis and it’s perhaps the biggest crisis of our entire generation. However, I think that we are somehow facing and dealing with a tremendous opportunity to learn of what’s going on because this unexpected situation is putting us on a scenario which is so different that I think that if we are able to extract and get the right learnings we could be much more prepared…better prepared for similar events happening in the near future…That’s why as a professional educator I’ve decided to approach this unique situation of the COVID 19 pandemic doing one of the things I can see that I do best which is learning about something…and the result of this learning process are the ones that I’m going to share with you in the next slides where I’m going to share not only facts and figures but also insights as well as my very personal opinion. …


Dionis Guzman

Futureproof educator at interested in the intersection between the Future of Work and the Future of Education #learnability #PREskills

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