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I go off agreeing with the thought that anything exaggerated turns into a distorted version of itself, but rather I find it difficult to understand how we exaggerate loving. I’ve always had the thought that love — Love, in its complex and fulfilling way that I cannot even understand — is the only good that we can’t exaggerate (honestly, I have not enough thought on it myself. it’s something I am trying to figure out from my own assumptions.) Thus, narcissism becomes rather a profound and extreme lack of love (both love of others and self love). Back to the Greek mythology, I always thought that Narcissus failed first to love himself, then to love Echo, and finally developed an obsession to its unloved self that led him to “suicide” — this interpretation may be a little extremist, but yeah, my only problem, I guess, is to understand an “exaggerated love,” which seems almost impossible for me to be bad.

Sorry if I am not making sense at all. I am just trying to understand it, that’s why I asked for suggestions of some references.

Thanks for you response, Sobia Q.

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