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I agree on everything but for me the difference about having sex and making love is fictional and exists only to satisfy the fears (of those who are or want to be in a monogamy relationship) to be approached for some stable relationship by those they are only interested to have sex with. 
Since the mojority wants a stable relationship plus occasional flirts, this is the case in which the majority impose socially their point of view and language.
They just call making love playing with an “in love” or “long term partner”
and call “having sex “a desired flirt.

Being a free man, open midend who stay well alone at home but likes playing with multiple liberated women as partners… I do not see any big difference. This is personal of course, but my theory and experience tells me that if your heart is in the right place your approach to sex is not very different. Perhaps It is all about a different conception of love. I believe and experiment a universal love not an exclusive love. I love all women. Exclusive love is too limitated for me. Open people like me and you can approach different partners more easily, because we have lots of love in our heart. That’s the simple truth! Others can’t do it because their heart is locked and chained and their mind not really open but confused and full of fears. I also feel very sorry for them but when I rarely try to explan these things to others I comes out like a sort of Don Quixote. I know I am an exception so I accept it.. Hope you at least can understand my point of view. Cheers my friend!

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