The Manifesto was started to change the way tech companies hire. In the UK, the innovation economy hasn’t changed in the way of diversity. Gender gaps widen and ethnicity remains near non-existent.

Colorintech’s mission is to connect high-performing diverse students with the top tech companies and startups in London. These are the values we live by.

#1 — We’re a startup. Nonprofit

Our mission is to create pathways of success for underrepresented minorities in the innovation economy. Like the companies, we want to elicit change and make more diverse. Colorintech is a startup which happens to be a nonprofit. We’re scrappy, we hustle and we have big ambitions.

#2 — Innovation Economy

Most charities in our space have focused on industries and blue-chip companies that are either being disrupted by startups or jobs that aren’t going to be around in 2020. We focus solely on the disruptors and the jobs that have yet to be created.

#3 — We don’t do incremental

We don’t do incremental.

#4 — We partner with the likeminded

Our partners, our host companies, our mentors — believe in our mission of diversity + tech = opportunity. We’re big thinkers and we can only work with other…… you get the picture.

#5 Sharing is caring

We are very clear on our mission and the people we want to help however, the innovation economy is for everyone and our content and events belong to everyone. We partner with several charities to deliver this message.

#6 We live the mission

We are entrepreneurs, executives, investors and creatives. We live and breathe the innovation economy everyday and we hope to inspire, educate and uncover what it looks like.

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