Forever Satisfied, Holding Onto Him

Image Credit: Shane Rounce (

No life no hope,

Castles of dreams that fade before us,

When it seems failure surrounds us,

And deserts of hopes we once had,

Remember my soul,

The promises from the One,

In whom all is all.

There is no dream forgotten,

Nor desires that go unnoticed,

All to be fulfilled and satisfied,

By Him whose delight is to delight you.

As we perceive the parched valleys of life,

Standing on the mountain top of time passed,

Look a little further beyond,

Higher into the the eyes of the One who loves us,

Then to see He has always been near,

And to the whispers of our hearts,

Forever tending His ear.

Now behold the life He carries,

More abundance in Him,

Than I could imagine,

Lifting our feet off the ground,

As we dance with Him,

Every step we take with Him,

Bringing life into the dead valleys,

Making us hope again,

As we trust again,

Lost in and held by His love,

In His arms we once again see,

That in Him is all life,

And forever we are satisfied.