Career Pivoting (Day 20 of 58)

Back to wireframing, this time with more targeted data acquired from yesterday’s competitive analysis.

The competitive analysis really helped to figure out how the target demographic for urbanwear shops as well as helping to drive the labelling for the sections.

Here’s the desktop browse page, it starts with a collection of brand thumbnails so that you can potentially find the brand you want at-a-glance.

(image source: Dion Yang)

and here’s the mobile wireframes, again with the brand logos at top, but this is more of a sliding carousel that you can swipe across to view more brands. if this becomes too complicated for users to grasp during testing I might have to change it to a boring select/drop down menu.

(image source: Dion Yang)

ok so next time I will have to put together product images and then move into mockups.

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