Career Pivoting (Day 43 of 58)

So right now I’m working on building my new portfolio site, the difference from my current portfolio site and this new one that I’m building is that this one is more user experience design focused, which to me means that I have to break down the projects that I’ve worked on into case studies where I illustrate my step-by-step process from beginning to end.

I have already picked out the typography and overall style I want to influence my portfolio site and the influence is the precisionism style of the 1930s, which has bits and pieces of industrial elements and futurism style that I really wanted to utilize.

Below is a pic of color scheme and typography, I haven’t picked out the colors yet since I want to focus on the hi-fidelity wireframes first.

(image source: Dion Yang)

wireframing continues but now I’ve moved from the lo-fidelity wireframes into building out the hi-fidelity ones and fine tuning the layouts.

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