How to change your career (part 1)

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I have decided that I need to change fields, how did I come to this decision and what am I going to change it to?

For the last 9 years I’ve been working as a web developer doing mainly engineering work. For 7 years before that I was doing a mix of visual design and web development.

In the last 4 years however, a lot has changed in the industry and engineering feels more of a chore for me than anything. I don’t enjoy it. I have a very specific way that I like to work and that makes me very effective however when my accommodations are not met it makes things more challenging, I’m always up for new challenges, just not up for old things becoming current challenges.

So I’ve decided that something that I’ve wanted to go back to was visual design. It would be as enjoyable as flash development was for me, mainly because I didn’t have to deal with browser quirks or other people’s mistakes at the browser level.

I’ve always been attracted to creative challenges and I’ve always worked on creative projects outside of work for the last few years when I had my costuming hobby going on, which consisted of traditional clay sculpting, mold making and automotive-style bodywork, painting projects and video production work.

How am i going to achieve this transition back into visual design when I’ve been out of the professional design game for 9 years?

My strategy is going to be a mix of taking a User Experience / User Interface boot camp plus rebuilding my design portfolio at the same time. I’ve done my research on the different boot camps currently available on the market. I’ve compared their curriculum and what they offer in terms of learning support and have decided to pursue the 3-month UX/UI program at BLOC. Their had a curriculum that looks strong on paper, I’ve read a few reviews and am happy that they also offer mentors that are available to help you out when you are stuck and can answer any questions that you have and are also a point of accountability.

In the past I’ve taken a bootcamp at Thinkful. It was an AngularJS program and was paired with an AngularJS mentor and I can say that taking that bootcamp was tremendously helpful in terms of progressing my career and also the combination of a good curriculum and a really good mentor who was passionate about teaching and who was really immersed in AngularJS and it’s community. Having a mentor really helped me big time when I was stuck and needed to break down some of the concepts in order to move forward.

So for this pivoting series, I’m going to be documenting my 3 month journey either in article form, or in audio form or possibly even video form or a mix of everything; but in any case I’m going to be documenting it so that I can for starters keep track of my progress and also in order to provide insight and a more in-depth look at what value can be derived from the furthering of your education through a boot camp.

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