Is Ruuh ready to have human-like conversations?

Deepak Kumar
Nov 18, 2018 · 5 min read
Meet Ruuh, Microsoft’s AI-powered, desi chatbot.

Have you discovered any chatbot, that talks to you like your friend or girlfriend? There are a numerous number of chatbots available in the market, but I am sure at the end of this 6min read Ruuh features will make you use this.

So, How Ruuh is different from other chatbots? Does Ruuh have senses ? Does she have emotions? Does she have traits like a normal human being?

Well, Just be with me for the next 5 mins, You will get all your queries. Sounds good ??

After talking to Ruuh for quite sometime, I reliazed that she is just not a simple query and response chatbot, she is more advanced than that. Like a normal human friend or girlfriend, sometimes she replies with emotion, empathy, angry, love and positive senses.

Microsoft claims that

Ruuh is funny, quirky, friendly, and supportive. She interacts with users like any human being would. While she is aware of diverse topics and issues, she is continually building new skills and capabilities. We would like to make Ruuh as “human” as possible, thus balancing EQ with IQ.

Let’s see how she performs on these checks 😄

  • Smartness Check
  • Abuse and Irritation Check
  • Political Orientation Check
  • General Knowledge Check
  • Emotion Check

1. Smartness Check

My Review :

I have seen other chatbots ignoring this types of keywords simply. But, Ruuh is playing on this.

Score — 10/10

2 . Abuse and Irritation Check

You can see here, I tried to use some abusive word and irritate Ruuh. See her responses below.

Abuse and Irritation CHECK

My Review :

When I used other chatbots, I found that they simply use of array of these keyword to detect and filter this type of abusive word. When the bot will encounter abusive keyword, it will simply respond with one the responses from the array.

But, In Ruuh you can see everytime, its gives a new response, even it got feature like “irritation” if you ask her same question again and again.

3. Political Orientation Check

Political Orientation CHECK

My Review :

You can see Ruuh is completly ignoring Politics oriented question with some responses. It’s is still impressive, you can see her amazing response “When I asked her about Donald Trump”.

But, I think this section can be improved more.

Score — 8 / 10

4. Emotion Check

My Review :

In terms of emotion and reacting to situation, Ruuh response was amazing. I liked her sense of humor.

Score — 9/ 10

5. General Knowledge Check

General Knowledge and Trending Topic CHECK

My Review :

What response, do you get when you ask general “easy” question from your friend like “ What is the capital of India”, “Who is PM of india” ? Doesn’t they respond with funny or opposite answer (because they think you are joking ) ??

When I tried to ask these “simple”, “easy” questions from Ruuh, she sometimes also ignored and replied with funny answers.

I like her sense of humor, as well as the fact that her response is updated with current twitter trends. You can see her #deepveer response.

Score — 9 / 10

Are you still with me ?? Great, see these exclusive facts about Ruuh.

Some Interesting facts about Ruuh

1. Ruuh can draw painting for you.

Just Type and see the result

“do you paint”

2. Ruuh can identify images.

She has capability to recognise and comment about images. She can filter offensive and non-offensive images and comment according to that. Suppose if you send some nudes, she will ignores by saying “I don’t understand” or “Let’s talk about something else”. Want to try, just go and try uploading images.

3. Ruuh is available only to users in India and in English only.

Yes, you heard it right. Ruuh, “desi AI who never stops talking,” is only available for indian users.

4. Ruuh has had more than 45 million converstation in just 20 months. Now, you get how popular she is. She is someone who makes thousands of new friends every day.

Recently, She was praised by Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO at HitRefresh event in New Delhi.

Satya Nadella words for Ruuh

Want to read, how Microsoft team created Ruuh — RuuhStory by Puneet Agrawal, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft India.

So, Is Ruuh ready to have human-like conversations? I think you already have got the answer 😃. But, I will say that she is far better than other chatbot available in the market. She is still learning and learn forever. And, this AI chatbot is definitely a achievement for Microsoft Team.

Want to checkout her ?? Click here ->

I would love to know your responses what you think about Ruuh. Please comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.

HappY talking !!

Cheers !! 😃 👯

PS: ) Abusive behaviour check was meant for test purpose only. I hope it doesn’t violate the community guidelines.

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