What are Object Literals? | ES6 Guide

Deepak Kumar
Sep 20 · 2 min read

Object literals are used to create an object in javascript. Enhancement in Object literals in ES2015 (ES6) release has made it a more powerful feature.

  • The object in javascript can be initialized by directly using the variable name. See Example 1 below.
  • Object’s method in ES5 requires function statement. This is no longer required in ES6, you can directly return statement. See Example 2 below.
  • Object literals key in ES6 can be dynamic. Any Express can be used to create a key.


There are three ways of creating an object in javascript.

  • Using Object literals
  • Using new keyword.
  • By defining object constructor and then create an object constructor type.

Let’s take a look at this example to see the working of Object literals.

Object Literals Without ES6 ( ES5 Supported )

# Example 1 var username = 'dipakkr'
var name = 'Deepak Kumar'
var country = 'India'
var password = '123456'
var user = {
username : username,
name : name,
country : country,
password : password
# Example 2var calculate = {
sqaure : function(a) { return a*a; },
sum : function(a, b) { return a + b; }
console.log(calculate.square(5)); // 25
console.log(calculate.sum(4,5)); // 9

Object Literals with ES6

# Example 1const username = 'dipakkr'
const name = 'Deepak Kumar'
const country = 'India'
const password = '123456'
const user = {
# Example 2const calculate = {
square(a) return a*a,
sum(a, b) return a+b
console.log(calculate.square(5)); // 25
console.log(calculate.sum(5,7)); // 12

If you want to learn others concepts of ES6 please check out this, comprehensive guide to learn ES6.

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