Buy or Bye — A Dior Story

You hear Dior, what do you think? I think of Kiera Knightley and some hunky dude in a perfume commercial. I think of classic women wearing their products and getting ready at the perfect vanity with magical lighting and everything you put on is amazing. But this is all a daydream and my perfect vision was soon put to rest. I caved and bought a $30 mascara. I’m not a snob who only wears high end makeup (not that people who only wear high end makeup are snobs) nor can I afford to splurge on high end products all the time. But lately my drugstore mascaras haven’t made me happy. I want a false lash effect without false lashes. I want length, volume, separation, and dramatic lashes without looking like I put a boatload of mascara on. This is no easy task and I may never find the mascara of my dreams but I thought Dior would get me close. I bought the Diorshow Mascara in black and it came with their lash primer as well. I bought mine from Dillard’s but you can buy it from Sephora, Macy’s, and any other place that sells Dior products. This retails for $28.50 plus tax which put me right around $30. This Diorshow mascara was not the mascara of my dreams and I will promptly return it. Sure it made my lashes darker and the mascara smelled great, but it didn’t do much by way of making my lashes volumized or making them longer. I had so much hope but this just goes to show that paying more for a product doesn’t necessarily mean it will work better. This is definitely a BYE product. I’ve heard good things about Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara which retails for a dollar more; the brush on the Overcurl looks promising. I’ll do another update after I try that one, just to see what I think and share my opinion. The only reason I tried out this overpriced mascara is because lately my eyes have been sensitive and usually if I swap out whatever I’m using for a high end product, the itch goes away. In my opinion, I think the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara is a really cheap dupe for the Diorshow Mascara I tried. It does all the same things for 80% cheaper. I’m not a fan of that L’Oreal mascara in general; the Diorshow and the Original L’Oreal mascara have VERY similar brushes.

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XO- Dipali