You Have to Start Somewhere, Right?

Here I am, another girl behind a computer screen wondering what thoughts or ideas I could possibly put out onto the Internet that aren’t already there… But I have to try (mainly for my own ego and my own sanity). I like to call myself an aspiring accountant by day and a makeup artist by night; let’s be real, my life is makeup 24/7. The idea of slathering makeup onto my face thrills me beyond words. It’s my mask, my alter ego, my comfort zone. So I’ve tried this blogging thing many a time but hopefully it’ll stick this time. One of my old blogs was a semi-hit in Alaska. I had 13 followers and in retrospect they were probably spambots but still 13! So here I am, trying to make a dent in the world of blogging about makeup and hopefully finding my fourteenth follower. I’m excited and ready to dip my toes into the pool of blogging and hopefully I can teach someone something along the way.

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