Is India Ready For Chatbot Revolution?

Bots are big, and soon going to be everywhere.

Chat bots aren’t fad. They are a revolution. — Chris Messina. (Link)

We now have Facebook providing payment within messenger bots, parking tickets being sorted, helping in patient diagnostics, taking over customer support and so much more. The future is clearly arriving.

Indian Bots

But how can a brand support hundreds (better yet, hundreds of thousands) of personal conversations in parallel? One answer: deploy a bot. — Chris Messina

Indian start-ups In India, we have companies like Joe Hukum,, Helpchat, Haptik, who are working with businesses to enable such intelligent interfaces.

So Many Bots & So Less Data

I am concerned about data.

Think of the detailed interactions that are taking place with bots now, and how little of that data is being captured properly.

Plugging The Leaking Data Is The New …
An interaction is much more than just pieces of text, its intent based on time and context. All of which require an extensive data collection framework. Context is everything. Is One Large Data Collection Bot

We provide a highly scalable backend to enable all the smart AI work that chatbots companies are working on. Think of us as providing an internal API based on which you can generate replies, understand intent, personalize! as MS DOS For PCs
It goes back to how we all use the same operating systems, and standardized tools so that we can continue to build on top of these abstractions! We offer the same tool sets and beyond so that you can continue to build the ultimate bot.

Less infra, more as your operating system!
Here is a potential flow with within a chatbot, you can extend this over and beyond what has been presented here.