Meditation Apps Looks to Future After Year of Growth, According to Dipanshu Sharma

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Meditation.Live, a mindfulness and meditation app celebrates its one-year anniversary on July 2019. The app features meditation and mindful movement classes that help participants reduce mental clutter and find true purpose, says Dipanshu Sharma, the founder of the company.

The company has been backed by top investors, including Steve Murry of Revolution Growth, Dennis Phelps of IVP and early investor in Snapchat, founder and CEO of Eric Yuan and many more. Meditation.Live has raised more than $2.5 million from investors, according to Dipanshu Sharma.

The excitement and investment from entrepreneurs has been invaluable in the success and rapid growth of, Dipanshu Sharma says, but the people who use and benefit from Meditation.Live make it all worthwhile, he believes. The company has adapted to what users and companies need in a meditation app, making it a versatile fit for many lifestyles, Dipanshu Sharma says. …

This week, celebrates its one year anniversary and the successes it has seen in the last year as it brings meditation and mindfulness practices into corporate spaces. is a wellness platform with a mission of inspiring 5 billion people to find their true purpose by featuring meditation and mindful movement classes, according to founder Dipanshu Sharma. The classes offered through encourage participants to look inward, reduce mental clutter, improve happiness and find their true purpose, Dipanshu Sharma said. The platform also allows students to ask questions of teachers live, increasing opportunities for learning and making …

Corporate Wellness Expert Dipanshu Sharma Shares Corporate Wellness Trends Popping Up Now

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Corporate wellness is an increasingly popular concept, as companies seek to find benefits and perks to make their employees happier, less stressed and more productive. The key, many believe, is through wellness initiatives that help employees holistically and address mental health and physical health, said Dipanshu Sharma.

Dipanshu Sharma is the founder of Meditation.Live, a company that offers live, interactive meditation and movement classes for the workplace. …

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As major depression increases among young people, digital solutions are growing in popularity as well, said Dipanshu Sharma, the founder of Meditation.Live. Apps and websites are looking to meditation and mindfulness as tools to decrease depression and anxiety in users.

According to the American Psychological Association, in the last decade, the rate of people reporting major depression symptoms rose 52% in ages 12 to 17 and rose 63% in adults ages 18 to 25. …

Meditation Can Slow Brain Aging, Neuroscience Finds, and More Benefits According to Expert Dipanshu Sharma

Meditation Guru Dipanshu Sharma Shares Why You Need to Start Meditating

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A neuroscientist has found that those who practice meditation have more gray matter in their frontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that is linked to decision making and memory. This research verified what many avid meditators already knew to be true experientially, s aid Dipanshu Sharma, founder of Meditation.Live.

Those who meditate regularly see reduced stress, better memory, and more mental clarity and focus, said, Dipanshu Sharma. …

In England, 370 schools will now integrate meditation and mindfulness into the curriculum to put a focus on the mental health of young people. Under a government mental health study, in these schools, children will learn to meditate, techniques for muscle relaxation and breathing exercises.

Part of the reason for this change to the curriculum is that a growing number of children are suffering from depression and anxiety and mental disorders. …

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Dipanshu Sharma Offers Accessible, Inexpensive Access to Meditation and its Benefits Via Meditation.Live

Overall life expectancy is increasing in humans, but our brains start deteriorating after the first two decades of life and continue degrading with age. Research is being done that may crack what techniques people can use to diminish the negative impact that aging can have on the brain.

Dipanshu Sharma, founder of, said meditation can be one of those techniques that helps the brain stay young and memory stay strong. …

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Dipanshu Sharma Weighs in On Having a Healthy Remote Work Life and Thriving in Any Work Environment

Google recently released results from a multi-year study that show how to build an awesome remote work team. Since 46% of companies have virtual teams, it’s important to be able to establish a remote culture that supports and encourages collaboration and teamwork, even when it is not face-to-face.

One finding from the study was that it’s crucial to get to know your colleagues as people. …

Workplace Meditation, Movement Encouraged in Corporate Spaces and Can Pay Dividends, Says Dipanshu Sharma

After months of testing wellness plans with enterprise clients, is officially available to all businesses in the United States. The company already has an impressive client base including 15Five, Accesso, Celtra, CredPR and many more. offers plans for corporations to add mental health wellness with meditation of movement classes to their employee benefits package.

“It’s not often that a 30-minute meeting at the office can leave employees feeling more energized and focused,” said CEO Dipanshu Sharma. …


Dipanshu Sharma

Dipanshu Sharma leads the fast-growing, 400+ employee company, backed by over $116 million in venture funding from Eminence Capital

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