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‘Yaar ye kab khulega waala Dial-up connection’ to ‘Click toh karne deta waala 4G networks’ (Sluggish dial-up connections to lighting fast 4G networks), we have witnessed them both and the journey in-between
Many of us these days do not marvel at new technologies for we have accepted that science is capable of ANY, ANYthing. A fact accepted as obvious as that of Siddharth Malhotra delivering another expressionless movie even 100 years from now. (We love you Siddharth, no offence)

However, there are these 5 gadgets, which did marvel us when we heard their concepts, but most of us never knew if they existed in real, or very few of us had hands on these must-try gadgets. Check out below. (You may tap the images to purchase them online from Amazon)

1. Laser Projection Virtual keyboard

Laser Projector Keyboard

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Laser Projector Keyboard
Yes! We’ve seen them all in Hollywood movies making some silly tapping gestures on glass surface only to end typing on a giant screen. The concept is very much in practice, and we do have laser projection keyboards for as low as two thousand, online.

They are anti-back-light and their performance stay unhampered even in day time. This should be a good buy for ones who’d prefer to go trendy at their workplaces; ones with space crunch on their workstation; ones who find themselves tapping their fingers on the work desk unnecessarily a lot and wish to utilize the efforts in a way or other; or simply, for tech-maniacs!

2. QWERTY Wireless Touchpad Keyboard with Mouse

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