My Most Listened To Mixes of All Time.

This post is dedicated to all my friends who I’ve been sharing music with for years and have requested that I share it publicly. This one’s for you, bud.

I’ve been mulling over this inaugural Medium post for far too long. With Coachella / festival season fast approaching I thought this post couldn’t be more timely.

FESTIVAL CHASERS - I hope to see you out there.

  1. Daybreaker SF Mix [06.10.14] by DJ Bradley P

I experienced this live when I attended the inaugural Daybreaker show in San Francisco! No better way to start the day. Thx @DanFredinburg!

2. Magician — 39 Mixtape

Abra cadabra, this mix is magic baby.

3. The High Life by DJ belTRON

Incredibly thoughtful. Take a journey into the mind of DJ belTRON.

4. West Coast Sounds of the LBC

This all West Coast mix brings me back. 15 minutes in is my sweet spot - Nate Dogg & Warren G never sounded so good!

5. Tropicool — Gooch Tape #5

Beach trip this summer? No? Doesn’t matter, can’t beat this tropical disco.

6. Lifelike — Mixtape Master

This guy is french. Ce mix c’est fou! Thanks @christpaul for posting to SC.

7. Danyolsan — Asiento 2/14/14

A good friend. An even better DJ. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch this guy in SF.

8. The Twelves — Episode II

These guys are Brazil’s answer to Daft Punk. The Radiohead Reckoner remix 4:20 mins in is fire. I get goosebumps everytime.

9. Tiësto — After Hours Essential Mix [02.01.2014]

I’ve really gotten into deep house over the past year, but to hear one of my all time favorite DJs drop a surprising deep house set apart from his typical fare, shows true artistry and unconformity. @Tiesto, thank you.

10. Above & Beyond — Essential Mix [07.02.2011]

I drew the first wireframes for Near to this mix in Manila. Absolutely epic on all fronts, prepare for an inspirational journey from A&B. This mix will speak to the inner entrepreneur in all of you.


PHD Presents Buzzmix Vol 11 (Mixed by Arthur Younger)

I heard this 2 weeks ago and I.can’t.stop.listening. This British DJ, the UK, nonstop talent. I give credit to my musical tastes thanks to the UK and my cousins — you know who you are.

I’ll be sharing more of my latest music fixes via Medium on a weekly basis. Thanks for tuning in.


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