Banh mi in Hanoi

Banh mi is a Vietnamese traditional dish. The word banh mi alone just means a piece of bread, but as the Vietnamese sandwich gets more and more popularity among visitors from all around the world, the word Banh mi just becomes a common name on its own that needs no translation. Everybody in Ha Noi loves a good banh mi, and finding a tasty banh mi in Ha Noi is a priority of the masses. We are taking a look at a few places with the best banh mi in Ha Noi.

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Banh mi Pho Hue

Banh Mi Pho Hue

It can be stated that this place has made its mark on the hearts of the Ha Noi people. This traditional banh mi vendor sells banh mi with pate, ruoc, butter and cha.

Every ingredient is relatively simple, nothing too complicated, the crispy crust, the ruoc to moisturize and the pate for flavor.

Banh mi Pho Hue can be taken away to anywhere in the city and still the retains the flavor and the crisp. This makes Banh mi Pho Hue the number one and only choice for many people throughout the years. For them, it still tastes like it did decades ago.

You can try this sandwich at 118A Hue Street for 25,000VND.

Banh mi Master Chef

People lining up for Banh mi from the Master Chef himself.

Although recently opened, this shack quickly catches the attention of the masses thanks to its originator, Minh Nhat — The first winner of Vietnam Master Chef.

The banh mi shop is personally run by the Master Chef himself, as he is the one who hands out the sandwiches to customers. Because of that, ever since the opening day, the banh mi shop has made the street busier than it should be. Employees, students, and locals all gather to the shop. No one is afraid of lining up just to see the celebrity and savor his creation.

>> The food in old quarter is excellent quality and is beautifully presented. The prices are very reasonable.

Banh mi by Minh Nhat

Apart from the decoration, Minh Nhat banh mi shop also has a wide variety of sandwiches to choose from, along with different combos for savings. A banh mi can go for 32,000VND, but choosing combos might get you more value for your Dong.

Banh mi Master Chef can be located at 27 Nguyen Du or 13 Hang Khay.

Banh mi BBQ Ba Nga

The best BBQ sandwich in town can be found in 31 Quang Trung in the vendor of Ba Nga. The meat is beautifully seasoned, perfect for savor with or without a banh mi.

The place is packed every day when students end classes. And for passing by pedestrians, just the scent of the meat just makes it irresistible.

Banh mi BBQ Chua Lang

Little do people know that the vendor is run by male students from Foreign Trade University.

The banh mi shop is 69B Chua Lang attracts a large amount of young people in Ha Noi. The meat is flavorful, nicely seasoned and the sauce is rich. You can smell the deliciousness from miles away.

The shop is set to serve the students from Foreign Trade University and Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. So expect the low cost and the simplicity in the atmosphere. A normal sandwich can go for 17,000VND, very tempting.

Banh-mee — Fancy banh mi in Ha Noi

The banh mee menu

Probably the first “fancy” Banh mi restaurant in Ha Noi that really dedicated to the design of the place, instead of treating the food as merely takeaways like other banh mi vendors. Small as it might be, the place looks amazing.

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What they serve in Banh Mee

The menu includes tradition banh mi of Vietnam but served in a modern and classy manner. Prices range from 25,000 to 38,000VND. Banh-mee can be found at 12 Dang Tien Dong or 18 Au Trieu. In Dang Tien Dong, the customers are mainly students while those in Au Trieu are foreigners.