Rome continued — Colloseum, Roman Forum, and Villa Borghese

Yesterday we were busy bees Rome-ing around 😉. We first stopped at the Colosseum. We both really liked seeing this, that too learning about the history that took place here — persecution of religious minorities, gladiator battles, and pure grotesque entertainment! It was amazing to see this huge structure that looked even bigger in person than I imagined.

We then walked through the Roman Forum. I really liked this because we learned a lot about the ancient Roman civilization. Though I have to say often we don’t really know what was going on at that time nor why they built or did certain things. No harm in a little imagination I suppose.

Last stop for the day was Villa Borghese. This was the highlight of our Rome trip. The Borghese family was a rich family who collected all sorts of art and have it on display in a gallery in the villa now owned by Italy. We saw a rich collected of Bernini sculptures and Rafaelo paintings. We ended up getting a tour because regular tickets were sold out but it ended up being a great experience because we learned so much about the pieces we saw and we gained appreciation for all the nuances and intricacies that went into their creations. After the gallery we walked around the villa (estate) which was huge and has a large garden area that some call Romes Central Park. It even had a lake where we rented a boat and paddled around for 20min just enjoying the sun and surrounding greenery. We ended the night at a cute restaurant near the Spanish Steps, called Antica Enoteca.

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