Did we choose to remain uneducated?

Education is in its full glory today. We look at everything around us and the prospect of success is intrinsically thrown around only with the prospect of education. Even if you make very little money, just enough to feed your family, your child must go to a school – to be educated.

But are we really educated? Half of us, as women, are still objects of pleasure,- harassed, raped and sang filthy songs around with very little clothes on us. We would all rather invest in our big, fat weddings or religious processions than give 5 rupees to a dying man. We steal minerals, water, land, and even the labours of the poor to fill our houses, with smiling buddhas.

Are we educated? Little children are stolen from their homes and sold. People drink sewage water of factories and dream to work in the same place. Teachers sleep in classrooms during teaching hours and have children fan them. Young people are up outside corporations to serve as servants, while farmers have no option but to commit suicide. Investing money is for making more money; whereas helping the community, or the people is only for political gain.

Are we educated? Where the best groom is the highest bidder for my daughter, and our beauty depends on bottles of chemicals poured all over our bodies. The average worker works never to make his work more refined, but to pass the day. Demand swings the markets to charge 500 for a thing of 50, even if that is the last drop of water to the dying. Where 20 clothes at home is all the more reason to buy 5 more, while a naked homeless sleeps in the dry, cold winter night, lighting her last few ‘matchsticks’.

Are we educated? We throw pills at the lonely. And swipe people based on the amount of sexual pleasure to be derived. Where’ I love you’ is an emoticon and money decides how much social service will be provided. Where the poor are lab rats for programs by the rich and IITs and IIMs are job portals for the future bungalows, cars and beautiful mates.

Education is the key to breaking the chain of poverty. This education seems to create more poor people, in my opinion. Even the rich has the attitude of the poor(always asking for more). And for us to fill our homes with more things is the way of this education. In my opinion, complete education was a way to the path of complete understanding of self, or was it! It was, has been and always will be a way arching into making economic and lifestyle reforms in personal endeavours. It ascertains a healthier elongation of existence, better progeny, indulgence in pleasure activities, and creation of a better personal brand image in the minds of others.

Education, in its purest form, is the need to peek into the higher realms of understanding the human mind, body and spirit. It also dives into understanding things that constantly react with these things,-the earth, the water, the wind, the animals, the different phenomenons, the causes and the potentialities, the mixing of different entities, the forces within us and in the vast universe and thereby, the laws governing all. Education was a means to the quest of rediscovering oneself, beyond the beastial nature to realise a higher self. Morality, scientific endeavours, artistic flair, philosophy, calculative formations, social structures of collective living, ventures of discovery into the bodies of land, water and space- all these have been the result of such educational push. And all this has transformed itself into benefits, through technology and economical needs.

And that has always been the actual pursuit. The power of the knowledge and how to implement it to generate money. The generation of money accelerates need for more money. To create more money, smaller applications become bigger enterprises, by asking other people to invest in it. The investors generate money by collecting it from the citizens in smaller amounts, with the promise of repaying more. The higher amount is generated by the enterprise, by generating profits. Profit is to be shared by the entrepreneur and the investor. The enterprise, in turn, creates jobs for it’s smooth service. These people of workers become the middle-class and sometimes the actual cost of the enterprise comes through the pocket of these workers, this time in the role of consumers. This rotatory system of economy is what today’s education serves.

When I say today’s education, let us not romanticise about the people of the past. Most of the people in every generation have sought after pleasure and prosperity. When we see that differentiation of the powerful, the intellectuals, the paper workers and the physical labourers, it is because we have always sought after the pleasure, higher status and self-propagation at others’ cost. Civility and moral conduct, has always been put to a litmus test in times of anarchy. Without law and order and the idea of consequences, would we think twice in case of lies, murder, theft, sexual misbehaviour or addictions to unhealthy drugs. Look at the examples amongst the rich, the powerful or the desperate. And thereby, this disgrace in education is the common form of education. If my needs are fulfilled and my rights are maintained, that amount of understanding of the world is enough for me.

Krishnamurti talks about order from within – where we do not violate others as a way of life, not as a consequence. Because it is the just thing to be done. Is this understanding of an higher entity of community or relations beyond need, not a part of actual education? It is so according to the Tagores, Gandhis, Aristotles, Buddhas, Christs and so many mores… Maybe they were so because the essence of education flourished within them, the actual way. For the rest, the answer is simple – we have chosen to remain uneducated. Being right or good serves no purpose. Morality is a ball game, whose rules would be bent to address our fancies. Education not being a roadmap to a kick of dopamine but as path of a higher connection to humanity. I guess, education requires tough mettle of sacrifice and therefore, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

[to be continued…]