Why she’s telling you ‘I don’t know’

So it’s two days after valentines day and I’m still in my feelings. I know a couple of you are still dealing with the valentines day hangover, but that’s okay; even I am still coming down from all the ice cream and pastries I almost suffocated myself with…….

The pain still lingers tho…


So yeah, I think im going to be in this head space for a bit until I get back to my default settings and I can start talking about more important things like igwe tupac and the wonderful growth of Kim Kardashians bum bum.

(PS: if you don’t know igwe tupac, congratulations. You have won. I don’t know what exactly you’ve won though… But know that you’ve won :)…..)

So yeah, there’s a recurrent trend I noticed when during boy-girl relationships, and I just thought to clarify a few things.

So you might be wondering… what exactly did I notice?

It’s the overuse of the phrase

“I didn’t know”

It’s like the ultimate cop out of any situation.

“what you did was hurting me.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

Or the more irritating one.

“I’ve liked you all this time”

“I didn’t know”

Well, to be fait that last one is actually more the ‘I liked you’ persons fault but whatevs.

But yeah, those three words ‘I don’t know’ or its annoying older brother

‘I didn’t know’

I recently opened up to the actual person I’ve loved since like forever recently, and she told me she didn’t know. And that hurt, because I wanted her to know. Heck she admitted she had an idea, but she just-didn’t-know.

And that’s the problem.

The truth is, from the moment you tell a girl ‘hi’, and youre not asking her for the way to the nearest ATM or for the time… She knows what you want. No guy walks up to a girl to just want to be friends with her. He could want to be friends with her after the fact, maybe if he discovers she has an ‘h’ factor or late stage halitosis. You know; that kind that gives you blurry vision. But a guy ALWAYS wants to explore the potential of something happening with every girl he says hi to.

So what exactly does that mean ‘I don’t know’

It’s easy.

Guys are the most unpredictable creatures. Especially when it comes to relationships. And that sucks, because it kinda puts us all in this black or white situation when it comes to girls. Girls NEED to know exactly how a guy feels before she is able to begin seriously considering having him as a partner, else she stands the risk of emotionally hurting herself. Unless she has a crush on you first, in that case that’s a match made in heaven.

So yeah, even though girls have an idea of what a guy might or might not want for them, they still need definitive evidence. And that’s easy.

All you need to do is come clean.

There is literally no right time to come out to a girl. If she likes you, she likes you. If she doesn’t, then there’s not a got damn thing you can do than to buy some tissue paper and start crying.

Truth be told, you are probably more afraid of the outcome of telling her you like her, and all that ‘right time’ bullshit is just an excuse for your own cowardice.


Don’t worry, don’t feel ashamed. I also feel that way too after I finish watching all my snapchat and youtube videos and it’s time to check my data balance. Heck one time I didn’t check my last semester results until the end of the next semester. Which was weird as fuck because half the time I didn’t really even know if I was still a student in that school or not. :s.

SO I can understand.

But there’s one thing a girl I respect said to me once which I totally agree with,

Which is: there is only one life to live, so live it to the fullest. :).

If you like a girl, don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid. You might enjoy how you are friends and get to see and talk with her every day, but be honest it’s killing you. And you need to move on.

SO no matter whom she is, where she is, how she is. Pick up your phone, call her, and tell her how you really feel. Invite her out for drinks, and if she likes you, she might just say yes.