Offshore software development

Offshore software development is the type of activity or process which aimed at the establishment and maintenance of the software, using technologies and practices of information technology, project management, mathematics, engineering and other areas of expertise. Like other traditional engineering, software development deals with the problems of cost and reliability. It is also a practice of hiring an external organization to perform some business functions in a country other than a customer’s country.

For any company to be perfect in the development process of the software, they must need to know the back-draws and pitfalls of the process. If the company is not able to resolve the issues of the employees while developing the software then it results in the failure of the process.

What leads to these failures:

  1. Bad development process
  2. Communication issues
  3. Going purely offshore
  4. Lack of experience
  5. The wrong developers
  6. The wrong attitude

Offshore software development has many benefits. We clearly believe in it, we have a great team that we work closely with every day. To make offshore development effective takes planning, processes and experience to make sure it is successful.